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Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. Moss-draped oak trees and sleepy rivers winding through marshes make Savannah GA real estate different from any other land in Georgia. Savannah is composed of 103 square miles of land. Approximately 145,000 people live in Savannah GA homes. Their kids attend one of 27 elementary schools, nine middle schools and ten high schools. Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah State University and South University are available for the kids' college years. Many residents work in some capacity for the military. Gulfstream is based in Savannah, as well as International Paper, JCB and Dixie Crystals.


Savannah is Georgia's oldest city, and was established in 1733. General James Oglethorpe befriended the Indians living on the coast, which made the lives of early settlers on Savannah properties easier. He laid out the city in a grid with park-like squares for public gatherings. The squares still exist. The port was an important part of Savannah, importing needed items and exporting cotton, indigo and rice to England. The port was a bone of contention in the American Revolution as well as the Civil War. It was the path by which Savannah was captured during the Civil War and presented to President Lincoln as a "Christmas present."

Savannah real estate kept agriculture an economical success until the 20th century. Tourism and industry changed Savannah's economy from agricultural to commercial. Today, tourism counts for more than half of Savannah's economy. The St. Patrick's Day Parade in March draws people from around the world, as does the city's historic homes and River Street. Fun fact: Savannah has been the home of several notable personalities including actors Stacy and James Keach, singer Big Boi of Outkast, and famed lawyer and actor Sonny Seiler.

Parks and Recreation

Homes for sale in Savannah are generally around the corner from a park. Aside from the squares and parks in the historic Downtown area, 39 parks and fitness facilities are available to the Savannah home buyer. The majority of the parks have hiking and biking trails, nature walks and boat ramps. Most of the parks have picnic and playground equipment. Swimming pools and golf courses are sprinkled throughout the parks and recreation facilities. For more details, click here.

Savannah GA skyline Attractions and Events

The rich history and classic architecture of Savannah attracts countless visitors each year. Beginning with the Savannah River downtown, there is River Street. The old cotton exchange buildings are still in existence and house shops and restaurants. River Street is still cobbled in brick and contains shopping and food. The Historic Downtown area may be seen best from a horse and buggy tour. Here, too, food and shopping abound. There are museums, plantations and historic sites to see. For more Savannah attractions and events click here.

The new owner of real estate in Savannah will be interested in events like An Evening with Nicholas Sparks, author of The Notebook or the Southern Belle Tea Party Cruise. The Savannah Film Festival and Wag-o-Ween should interest the family.

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Savannah is a fast-growing area, and an excellent home base for young couples, families, retirees and just about anyone else. Before you start your search you should call the office of Robin Lance Realty, 912-756-2448. Robin is an experienced Realtor® who knows Savannah and can help simplify the process -- you'll have a Georgia (home) on your mind! 

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